Jami Lynn

Dakota Duets

Singer/songwriter Erin Castle may not always be taking the lead, but she has carved out a niche for herself in the Sioux Falls music scene for over a decade. You may know her from folk band The Union Grove Pickers, or the alt-rock collaboration A Ghostwood Calm, but Erin’s glimmering vocals shine on their own or in the midst of a six piece band.

Erin spend most of her formative years in Brandon where she participated in both band and choir. She describes her first solo performance in 5th grade as terrifying. But after the fact, the terror gave way to a fluttering of a different kind, the drive to perform in front of people on the regular. Castle says, “It made me feel something that I’d never felt before.”

Towards the end of her high school days, Erin’s proximity to Sioux Falls brought her access to the burgeoning basement concert scene. The 605 House and other private venues exposed her to local and touring Hard-Core and Punk Rock bands. Parts of this underground, word-of-mouth scene of the early 2000s are mirrored in Sioux Falls today. Local venue and record store Total Drag has given a home to young bands who are writing their own music and playing out. “I’m watching all these...Surf Rock bands popping up in the middle of the plains, and it’s awesome.”

No matter the genre in which she’s performing, Erin has a sharp ear for supporting another vocalist, male or female. As a solo vocalist now dabbling in supporting others in this series of duets, I really admire this skill. She also has piles of journals from her adolescent days just like I do. Unlike the straightforward, but methodical journals of our grandmothers, these are brimming with unrequited, angsty feelings. It appears we were already collecting material to distill down into songs.

Erin’s original song “Brush and String” reads like a lullaby, but actually explores how relationships weather major life changes. I love singing with Erin, and I hope to see more of her original work in the forefront. I think you’ll agree.


2018-08-21 08:45:42 - Tom Schaefer
wow! just beautiful! more please!
2018-08-21 07:38:24 - Rhonda toft
You two sound so great together! Keep up the great musical artistry.
2018-08-20 12:13:39 - Katie D
Fantastic recording!! Awesome performance, beautiful melodies throughout the entire tune. 😊 Thanks for showing the world another talented artist, Jami.
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